RE Ledger is the StreetWire consortium for real estate and financial services executives. It's purpose is to govern and explore the applications and advantages of harnessing a blockchain backed peer-to-peer network.

RE Ledger

Our Purpose

RE Ledger is StreetWire's consortium with the purpose of harnessing the collective industry expertise of the participants inside its distributed network. It brings together the real estate professional sector to explore the impact StreetWire can have on the industry. The consortium’s aims are to inform, foster open co‑operation, and lead change around the introduction of the StreetWire ecosystem into data sharing and transactions in real estate.


Our Goals


Validate customer information and transactions ensuring transaction safety through greater transparency.


Data-portability using multi-signature wallets and cryptographic keys for execution and measurement.


Remove layers of inefficiency in technology stacks to cure the skyrocketing compliance costs.


Cross-network identity management and attribution reporting.


Establish protocol around a decentralized peer-to-peer data sharing solution.

Rules and Standards


Uploading Data, Encryption, Assigning / Revoking Keys

Regulatory Compliance

Governance in Code: Regulatory Compliance

Smart Contracts

Universal Language of Smart Contracts


Ensure that holders of WIRE are legitimate utility users

RE Blockchain updates